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Equinox in oil and gas companies

SCADA systems are compound by a set of industrial software applications used to support the management of most production processes.

In the oil and gas area they are profusely used in the exploration, extraction, refining, transporting and commercialization to ensure the fulfillment of the primary business function: the production of hydrocarbons with the highest degrees of quality in a cost-effective way.

Having a quality SCADA solution ensures safe and reliable operation, ensuring the productivity of most critical assets of the company.

Deployment of Equinox in oil and gas companies

The oil and gas sector has become increasingly dependent on automated systems, the benefits that these investments provide well worth their cost. However, the absence of real-time data coming from the production processes to a central location can affect net profits.

When process data is not easily accessible in a timely manner, valuable information useful to improve productive efficiency is lost. Equinox manages to overcome this difficulty by adapting itself to the specific needs of the business and providing a tool that allows decisions to be made accurately.

How can you benefit from using Equinox?

Equinox is capable of controlling processes that are distributed over large areas that require frequent, regular or immediate intervention.

The gas and oil production infrastructures do not escape this concept. Wells, gathering systems, transportation refining and storage of hydrocarbons are spread over large geographic areas and require controls to remotely switch on and off motors and pumps, opening or closing valves, etc. They also need to collect telemetry information regularly, measuring pressures, temperatures, flows and thus respond efficiently to the conditions of the rest of the facility.

However, many utilities have their equipments completely isolated from the central office even when they have communication capabilities. In some cases they use propietary software that permits to connect one equipment at a time allowing them to see information only while they are connected: once they connect to a new device they stop receiving information from the previous one, thus a global view of the process is not available. This software only works for equipments of the same brand and type and cannot be expanded.

Remote control of the equipments is not possible in these cases, so when an abnormal situation occurs the utility must send a crew to the site to manually check the problem.

Equinox offers you the possibility on multi brand integration: Multiple devices from multiple kind and brands could be easily connected to one central location where Equinox is running. Real time information is received from these equipments allowing our system to detect abnormal situations instantly and alerting the operator within seconds.

Once the operator acknowledges the situation he could use Equinox to inmediatly correct the problem by sending an order through the communication link, so the device will go back to work in a second. No crew is needed, no money and time is spent in the process.

Besides the operator doesn’t need to be in the central office to be alerted from abnormal situations, Equinox will alert him through text messages and emails. And since our product is 100% web access you could easily login from any mobile device, such smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc. You only need an Internet connection and a browser.

The use of our product brings them new advantages including:

  • Brand interoperability

    Connect to multiple devices even if they are of different brands.


    Consolidate information from different sources on a single platform.
  • Real-time data

    Get instant information from all the important devices in the production process: their status, alerts, temperature levels, pressure, flow, etc. You can control these devices as well by changing their operating parameters.


    Real-time data helps in the decision-making process and reduces operating costs.
  • Reliability of the production process

    Equinox detects early deviations from normal operating parameters and warns you before they cause problems.


    The search for faults is easier, reliability increases to levels never seen before.
  • More earnings

    As failures are detected before they occur, less money is spent on corrective maintenance, while the life expectancy of the equipment extends.


    Improving reliability means increasing profits.
  • Customer satisfaction

    A more reliable process translates into an end product of higher quality and lower cost.


    Customer satisfaction increases.

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